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Sensor + Test 2018

We have been exhibited at Sensor + Test fair in Nürnberg, Germany.  We have shown our latest shakers which we call all-in-one shaker. Both modal and standard all-in-one Dynalabs shakers have built in amplifiers, signal generators and a display for the generated frequency. It is so easy to operate them Thank you for visiting us.

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DEWESoft Measurement Conference 2018

During DEWESoft Measurement Conference our Technical Manager Murat Aykan gave seminars about Shakers and Exciters. total of 60-65 people attended to 3 different seminars.  During seminars below topics are covered: Shaker technology What is shaker? Shaker system Shaker control Shaker versions Shaker selection There was a great interest to the exhibition stand where we presented

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Testing Show Mexico 2018

During Automotive Testing Show Mexico we presented our latest all-in-one shakers and sensors.  Both modal and standard permanent magnet shakers are available with integrated amplifier, integrated sinus generator from 1 Hz to 15 kHz and a screen to show the excited frequency.  We also have 2 new MEMS Capacitive  Accelerometer series, 1000 SE and 2000HF. 1000SE

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All-in-one Shaker

During Automotive Testing Expo Korea we will be exhibiting our latest technology shakers. Automotive Testing Expo Korea will be on March 13, 14, 15, 2018 in KINTEX, Seoul, Korea.  The new version of our permanent magnet shaker PM-20 and modal shaker MS-20 will have integrated amplifier and signal generator as before but also 100 N

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Modal Shaker Selection Guide

Dynalabs modal shakers cover a wide range of structures for dynamic characterization. Output force of the modal shakers can reach 440N and 15,000 Hz of excitation can be achieved. The following chart summarizes the application ranges of the modal shakers. The basic selection criteria is the size and weight of the structure. However, for localized

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New Catalogue

We have made improvements for many products and added new products to our portfolio. You can download our latest catalogue using below links. Web version download. Contents of the catalogue is:  Capacitive Accelerometers Piezoresistive Acceleroemters  MEMS Gyroscopes Inertial Measurement Units Permanent Magnet Shakers Modal Shakers Inertial Shakers

Automotive Testing Show UK 2017

We presented our modal and inertial shakers and all mems type sensors such as accelerometers, gyrospcopes and IMUs at Automotive Testing Show UK 2017. Thank you very much to the all visitors who has visited us during the show.