Aviation Industry



Dynalabs MEMS sensors are used in flutter tests, structural analysis and also for navigation. Dynalabs inertial sensors play an important role in safety in aerospace industry.


Dynalabs sensors are lightweight and compact. Sensors used in aviation testing and measuring applications should withstand high temperatures and pressures. Thanks to MEMS technology, Dynalabs sensors provide these features and ensure safety in aviation industry with giving accurate measurement.


                    Flutter Tests & Modal Tests


The resilience of aircraft components is determined through flutter tests to find out how components behave in real life and also under extreme conditions.


Aircraft and their components are exposed to extreme conditions while the takeoff and landing process. Thus, modal analysis of aircraft and their components should be performed. These analysis require lightweight, high-frequency acceleration sensors that minimize the mass load on test structures as much as possible.


Aircraft and their components like wings vibrate every time in flight operations. The excitation of the aircraft is performed by vibration exciters usually located at the tips of the wings, tail and if necessary other locations. Several accelerometers (uniaxial or traxial) are placed on the aircraft in order to have a complete insight on the dynamic character.


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