High-resolution, proven and robust MEMS sensors for automotive industry



Thanks to their high resolution, capability of measuring very low frequencies and low noise features, Dynalabs MEMS sensors play a major role in testing cars, trucks, utility vehicles and motorcycles.


Our sensors has an important role in safety measurements such as driving comfort measurements, durability tests or monitoring of vibrations and analysis of vehicle dynamics.

Dynalabs sensors with IP68 protection class operate reliably even under rough conditions. There are two versions such as uniaxial and triaxial. Additionally, Dynalabs sensors feature a hermetically sealed stainless steel housing.



                        Vehicle Dynamics Tests


Dynalabs MEMS-based capacitive accelerometers with DC response are used in vehicle dynamics applications such as lane-changing tests, braking tests and driving maneuver tests.


Both accelerometers and gyroscopes, as well as inertial measurement units (IMUs) from Dynalabs are resistant to vibrations and shocks.


Dynalabs gyroscopes (uniaxial and triaxial) can be used for yaw, pitch and roll rate measurements, as well as position and motion measurements and slippage tests.


The combination of accelerometers and gyroscopes MEMS IMU’s (8000 and 9000 Series) are used in acceleration and angular velocity measurements of road vehicles.


Crash Tests



To make automotive crash tests, Dynalabs MEMS-based Piezoresistive accelerometers are ideal. They have a high shock protection with measuring up to 10.000 g. They are light weight (8g) and giving accurate DC measurements.