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In the world of vibration testing, precision and control are crucial. Researchers, engineers and quality assurance professionals rely on vibration shakers to subject products and materials to controlled vibrations for a wide range of applications, from product durability testing to aerospace component evaluation. Dynalabs shakers feature an innovative integrated power amplifier, sine wave generator and an LCD display. This outstanding feature allows users to operate the shaker in internal mode, giving precise control of the vibration frequency without the need for external controller, especially for simple vibration tests.

Embedded power amplifier for 20N and 100N shakers

Dynalabs has revolutionized vibration testing with a built-in sine generator. This feature allows users to generate precise sine wave signals ranging from 0 Hz to 12 Hz with 1 Hz increments. What makes this innovation truly remarkable is its user-friendly interface, which includes a sine frequency generator switch, a gain control knob and LCD display.

How to Use?

Users can effortlessly set up their tests by simply connecting a DC power supply and applying the drive signal to the power input of the shaker. All that is required is to pull out the gain knob, set the sine frequency generator switch to the desired frequency, and then turn the gain knob clockwise to set the perfect amplitude. The LCD display provides real-time frequency visibility, ensuring accuracy and control throughout the testing process.

Below are some of the benefits of Dynalabs shakers:

User-Friendly Operation: With Dynalabs’ integrated amplifier, you can easily control the shaker’s frequency and amplitude manually in the internal signal mode, thanks to the intuitive controls. This ease of operation saves valuable time during testing. To use the external signal mode, users should connect a DC power source to the shaker’s power input and apply the drive signal to the shaker’s signal input. Then start the external signal source and adjust the gain of the amplifier by turning the gain knob clockwise to set the desired amplitude.


Frequency Adjustment: The sine generator allows users to manually adjust the frequency, providing precise control over test parameters. This feature is particularly useful for adjusting frequency settings when evaluating resonant frequencies and identifying potential weak points in products or materials.


Amplitude Adjustment: The gain control knob on Dynalabs’ shakers ensures that you can finely adjust the amplitude of the sine wave signal, providing you a control over the vibration intensity.