Automotive Testing Stuttgart 2023

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Automotive Testing Stuttgart 2023

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart. We showcased our newest products: The PM-10 shaker with its small and powerful external amplifier, the high-end uniaxial and triaxial SI series MEMS Capacitive accelerometers and the 8100T series Tactical Grade IMUs, which integrate triaxial accelerometers and gyroscopes into a single compact housing.


The PM-10 shaker is designed for testing extremely small components. Our SI series accelerometers have been specially designed for precise seismic measurements and 8100T series IMUs offer exceptional performance and reliability.


We were also pleased to present our MEMS sensors, including capacitive accelerometers, piezoresistive accelerometers, gyroscopes, IMUs, as well as smaller-sized electrodynamic Permanent Magnet (PM), Modal (MS), and Inertial Shakers (IS).


Thanks to all visitors who visited our booth. We really enjoyed meeting you, and we’re excited to see you again at future exhibitions.