Compact and lightweight Inertial Shakers

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Compact and lightweight Inertial Shakers

 5N to 40N Inertial Shakers- Small sized shakers with small sized amplifiers


Inertial shakers and modal shakers are similar in usage area. They are used also in tests for examining vibrational behavior of structures such as modal shakers. However, compared to the modal shakers, the connection styles are different. The inertial shaker’s own body vibrates. For this reason, inertial shakers are fixed directly to the structure. It is easier to use than modal shakers.




                 • Broad range (5N, 10N, 20N, 40N)

                 • Integrated signal generator

                 • Compact and lightweight design

                 • Superior low frequency performance

                 • Any angle mounting

                 • Low friction bearing guided

Inertial Shakers

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