New Price, Better Performance MEMS Sensors

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New Price, Better Performance MEMS Sensors

20% Off on DE and SE Series Triaxial Capacitive Accelerometers – New Price, Better Performance


From now on, we are offering a 20% discount on our recently developed MEMS-type triaxial DE and SE series capacitive accelerometers. This discount is available for ± 2g to ± 40g sensor range for 3000-DE, 3000-SE series and 9000 series IMU.


As DynaLabs, we manufacture and calibrate MEMS sensors used in many vibration tests and measurement applications.

Below you can see the advantages and features of DynaLabs sensors:


* High sensitivity (1,600 mV/g)

* Low noise – high resolution (25 µg/√Hz )

* Accurate DC measurement

* IP68 protection class

* Configurable cable length and connector option

* Reliable aluminum or stainless steel housing option

* Compact and lightweight design

If you are interested in high sensitivity and low noise DE series or cost-effective SE series sensors, please fill out the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible!

3000DE Series Triaxial Capacitive Accelerometers