20N and 100N – All In One Shaker

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20N and 100N – All In One Shaker

20N and 100N  All-In-One Shakers with integrated amplifier and signal generator


20N and 100N permanent magnet and modal shakers have integrated signal generator that generate Sinus signals from 1 Hz to 15,000 Hz. With the sine generator the frequency can be adjusted manually.


These 4 models (PM-20, MS-20, PM-100, MS-100) have a  LED screen which shows the internally generated sinus signal frequency.


By having integrated amplifiers, these shakers will help test engineers to setup their test easily.




                 • Integrated amplifier

                 • Integrated signal generator

                 • Lightweight, durable, portable and easy to use

                 • Linear controled gain

                 • Embedded power amplifier and signal generator for 20 and 100N



Modal Shaker

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