New Product: PM-10 Shaker

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New Product: PM-10 Shaker

Our latest innovation: Compact and Lightweight Electrodynamic PM-10 Shaker. 


The magnetic field used in this shaker is a permanent magnet. This permanent magnet shaker has a force rating  of up to 10N and a frequency range of 10-10,000Hz. An external amplifier (SA-150) is used to drive the PM-10 shaker.


PM shakers are commonly used in various industries for product testing, product development, quality control, research & development and experimental modal analysis. DYN- PM-10 is designed for vibration testing of small objects that require low force levels. PM-10 shakers are commonly used in various industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics for product testing and validation. 


Weighing only 1.3 kg, the PM-10 shaker is lightweight and portable, making it suitable for vibration testing applications.


The object to be vibrated is fixed to the table with 10-32 UNF screws.




               Force Rating (Sine Peak): 10N

               Magnetic Field: Permanent magnet

               Frequency Range: 1oHz – 10kHz

               Displacement (Peak to Peak): 4mm

               Max Acceleration: 50g

               Shaker weight (body): 1 kg

               Diameter: 77 mm 
               Height: 77 mm 

               Fastening Thread: 10–32 UNF

               APPLICATION AREAS:


            – Vibration testing of small objects

            – Modal analysis

            – Mobility measurements

            – Educational demonstrations

            – Accelerometer calibration